TOUCHNEW Sketch Markers Review

TouchNEW Set

TouchNEW Sketch Markers, are the 6th generation of Touch markers and are an excellent value professional grade alcohol-based marker with an exceptional color range and are a safe purchase for beginners and advanced colorists.



TouchNEW have a wide variety of colors available for purchase individually, in the all colors set, or in pre-selected color sets eg for architecture, animation, skin tone colors only, etc. 


They are almost as good as the gold standard of alcohol markers, Copic Markers. Their product is excellent but without the price of Copic. 


These alcohol markers are ideal for coloring small spaces through to large areas. They are also suitable for advanced coloring techniques such as blending, shading, etc. 


When compared with other alcohol markers on the market, I believe TouchNEW Sketch offer the best value for money.


  • Provide an excellent color range from pastels through to vibrant and strong colors.
  • Easy to hold round edged rectangular shaped barrel with color number and name on the top of each cap.
  • Color indicator on cap is a good indicator of the ink color.
  • Very smooth flow of ink
  • Fast drying ink
  • Dries without streaking
  • The Bullet shaped tip allows for drawing a fine line and for coloring in small spaces
  • The Chisel tip is great for coloring large areas.
  • It is permanent ink that can be used on most surfaces
  • Each end of the pen barrel has an appropriate icon and the words 'Fine' and 'Broad' to indicate which end is which. 
  • In addition to the icons and words at each end, the pen barrel has a light grey band on the fine Bullet tipped end to allow for quick visual identification.
  • Sets come in a soft black cloth zippered carry bag with handle.


  • As with all alcohol markers they bleed through on many papers including thicker card stock.  
  • Due to the bleed through associated with all alcohol based markers, specific paper and books with pictures only on one side are more suitable. 
  • There is a slight odour that some people may find off-putting. 
  • Not suitable for extremely fine drawings as the Bullet end is 1mm. 
  • Caps can be hard to remove although they are made this way to reduce the alcohol markers drying out quickly.
  • Whilst each marker does have the name of the color and a number, there is no color family coding as there is for other professional grade alcohol markers such as Copic, Spectrum Noir, Windsor & Newton, etc. 
  • Not refillable but you can buy markers as individual pens - all 168 colors.


These TouchNEW alcohol markers are great and excellent value for money because:

  • Each marker features a user friendly design with a chisel tip and bullet tip that allows you to use them for both broad and thin detailed lines. 
  • The color coded caps allow you to easily organise and identify colors quickly. 
  • Ergonomic design supports you working with these markers for a long time without fatigue.
  • Being alcohol based ensures quick drying without streaks and allows for smooth blending of colors.
  • Secure caps increase durability of ink meaning your pens can last for up to 5 years.
  • TouchNEW are safe for kids.
  • You can buy single colors or sets of varing sizes eg 30/40/60/80/168. 
  • TouchNEW selected the most commonly used colors for purchase by different users eg Landscape, Architecture, Grey Shades only, etc.

Features and Benefits

Matches the Criteria for Alcohol Based Markers

There are many hundreds of alcohol based markers on the market so what criteria was used to identify the best value for money alcohol based markers:


  • Markers should have a large range of colors from pastels through to vibrant and strong colors to give you options to choose from.  
  • Markers should also have a variety of shades of each primary color. Unless you have a specific need, you don't want a set with mostly blues. You should have a set that provides a variety across all primary colors.
TouchNEW 168 Colors


  • The thickness of the tips (fine and broad) should be suitable for the variety of coloring desired from simple coloring to advanced techniques. 
  • The ergonomics of design should allow the marker to be held comfortably and used for a long time without cramping. 
  • The color of each marker should be easily and quickly identifiable. 
  • Alcohol based markers should have a cap that is easily secured and tight fitting to prevent the ink from drying.
  • The markers should last for at least 5 years with normal usage and provide for individual nib replacement and/or individual marker replacement. 
  • They should be safe for kids.
  • A set of markers should include a carry case for easy organisation, identification, and travel.
Touchnew Design
TouchNEW Set


  • As alcohol based markers they should be quick drying. You do not want any smudges! 
  • They should use permanent ink so as to be suitable for coloring a variety of surfaces from paper to rocks. 
  • Whilst all alcohol based markers should be quick drying, the solvent inside the ink should reactivate the initial color when applying the second and subsequent color so that the colors can blend together. 
Touchnew Transition


  • Determining 'value' is a personal characteristic but generally considered as selecting the best product available that achieves your goals at the lowest possible price. 

I believe TouchNEW Sketch Markers match these criteria and offer the best value for money when compared to others on the market.

Types of TouchNEW Markers

TouchNEW Sketch Markers are the 6th generation of TouchNEW Marker pens. The earlier version is called TouchFive Markers and the 7th generation is TouchNEW T7. 

From my comparison of TouchFive, TouchNEW and TouchNEW T7, the ink formula, colors, nib sizes, etc remain the same. Only the shape of the barrels and caps are different across the generations - and of course the prices! 

TouchFIVE Set

TouchFIVE Set

TouchNEW Set

TouchNEW Set

TouchNEW T7 Set

TouchNEW T7 Set

TouchNEW Soft Brush Markers  have dual tips with a soft brush tip on one end and a broad chisel tip on the other end. 

They use the same ink formula, chisel tip, and colors as other TouchNEW Sketch Markers. 

TouchNew Soft Brush Head

Soft Brush Head

Enlarged TouchNEW Soft Brush Example

Soft Brush Example

Variety of Colors

TouchNEW 168 Colors

168 Colors

There is a maximum of 168 colors offered by TouchNEW Sketch Markers. This includes ranges that can be purchased as pre-selected color sets including a set for skin tones, a set for grey colors in both warm and cool tones, etc. 

Pre-Selected Color Sets

TouchNEW have selected the most commonly used colors for different areas into different sets. For example: 

  • Landscape
  • Architecture
  • Animation
  • Costume Design
  • Interior Design
  • Body Colors
  • Grey Only 
  • All 168 Colors
Grey Set

Grey Set

Skin Tones Set

Skin Tones Set

Touchnew Common Set A
Touchnew Common Set B

Advanced Coloring Technique Suitability

The TouchNEW Sketch Markers are very suitable for advanced coloring techniques.


Check out the examples below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are TouchNEW Markers Refillable?

No, but you can buy markers individually.

How long will TouchNEW markers last?

As long as you keep the caps fastened tightly when not in use, these markers should last you up to approximately 5 years normal use according to the manufacturer's information. However if you intend on using them extensively everyday, you should reasonably expect them to last up to 3 months of frequent daily use.  

What is the best paper for TouchNEW alcohol based markers?

You can use most paper including basic printer paper but you will avoid a lot of bleedthrough if you use marker paper. Marker paper will give the best results for blending as it allows the ink to stay on the surface of the paper a little longer so colors can be mixed or blended together before drying.

Many Adult Coloring Books are sold using marker paper and single sided to avoid any bleedthrough. 

Can you use photocopy paper with TouchNEW markers?

Yes, you can achieve some great results with this type of paper but you have to be very careful as some copy paper will spread the ink along the paper grain. Also remember that alcohol ink will bleed through to the other side. It is best if you try your marker on a piece of discarded paper first as an experiment. 

Can I use TouchNEW alcohol markers on non-paper surfaces?

Yes, you can use any alcohol based markers on a variety of surfaces, even rocks, but remember that the tips will wear away faster on rough surfaces. 

Any suggestions for using TouchNEW alcohol based markers?

  • Place some old paper under the page you are coloring so that any bleed through is 'pulled' down and absorbed by the paper underneath rather than spreading outwards on the page you are coloring. 
  • Because the alcohol based ink drys quickly, experiment on some discarded paper first when learning how to blend colors.
  • Blending with light colors on a dark background produces different blended results from dark colors on a light background.
  • Use a notebook to record the colors you used on different parts of your picture so you can use them again or avoid them on future drawings.

Is the ink in TouchNEW alcohol markers permanent?

Yes, they are alcohol based so the ink will stay put and is not soluable in water or from hand sweat.

Can you buy TouchNEW markers individually?

Yes, all 168 colors are available to purchase individually. 

Should I buy a set or individual TouchNEW markers?

This is really a personal choice. You could save money by buying a set rather than individual markers, but you may not use all the colors in the set. You may buy just a few markers that you know you will use but then miss out on the range of colors and shades offered in a set.

Other's Comments

I have examined many comments offered by existing users on many web sites and summarise the majority of those comments below...


  • Great range of colors and shades of cool to warm.
  • Excellent price and good value for money.
  • Vibrant colors. 
  • Good color identification on the markers. 
  • Comes with handy carrying case. 
  • Good for blending without streaks.
  • Good set for the price and they don't bleed out.
  • The skin tones are realistic and varied.


  • Some of the caps are hard to remove which can be an issue for those with arthritius or other hand related issues.
  • No replacement nibs and they are not refillable. However most reviewers acknowledge this isn't a big issue because of the price of individual replacement markers in comparison with other big name brands. 
  • Some pens dry at one end on arrival. SUPPLIER advised ink can accumulate at one end whilst in storage so leave horizontal for a day so ink will spread.
  • Pen drys out very quickly. SUPPLIER advised to cap pen when not in use as should last for years if cared for properly.

Alternative Markers and Suppliers

Copic Markers are well known as the professional, high quality, very expensive markers but there are many alcohol based, dual end alternative markers on the market. Many appear to have very similar characteristics to TouchNEW Sketch Markers based purely on research but they have not been tested by me. Here are a few:

  • Alchilalart 168 Colors Alcohol Markers
  • L'emouchet Twin Marker Pens
  • MILO Art Marker Set Dual-Tip
  • Ohuhu Dual Tips Art Marker
  • Shinhan Touch Brush TWIN Marker
  • STA Art Marker Dual Headed
  • Touch TWIN Brush Markers

If you can't find the markers of your choice at your local Amazon store, check out these alternative international on-line stores: