Mont Marte ® Coloured Pencils


  • Mont Marte ® Coloured Pencils are wax based artist quality pencils with a hexagonal barrel shape.
  • A good reasonably priced pack of artists’ quality colored pencils with a reasonable color range
  • They are sold in a maximum of 36 count sets.
  • These pencils don’t require much pressure to get the best out of them so if you have any fine motor, hand or arm problems these may be a good option.
Test Picture Colored with Mont Marte ® Coloured Pencils

Test Picture Colored with Mont Marte ® Coloured Pencils


  • Artist quality pencils
  • Pencils are light to hold
  • Hexagonal barrel means they are easy and comfortable to hold and won’t roll off a flat surface.
  • Color of pencil barrel is a reasonable indicator of the color of the pigment
  • Little pressure required to achieve good color coverage
  • Vibrant colors
  • Smooth feel on paper when coloring
  • Generally easy to sharpen to a point 


  • Soft leads require frequent sharpening
  • Produces some pencil dust when coloring