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A Place to Learn, Enjoy and Relax with Adult Coloring

The Coloring Inn is a place for learning, sharing stories, experiences and know-how about adult coloring. Whether you are a beginner or a very experienced colorist you’ll find something here to enrich your coloring life.

What will you find in The Coloring Inn?

Why The Coloring Inn?

Are you someone who really enjoys coloring? Do you enjoy learning new tips and techniques to improve your adult coloring skills? If you are, then this website could help you.

Have you noticed how easy it is to burn up hours looking for help on things about adult coloring? There’s so many YouTube videos, blogs, forums, Facebook groups and pages, Instagram, Pinterest, etc! If you have a busy job, family responsibilities, etc, you don’t have much spare time for other things. Why spend the little time you do have looking for techniques and tips for adult coloring? Wouldn’t it be great to spend the few hours you get to yourself actually coloring? Wouldn’t it be nice to have one place to go to easily find the tips you’re looking for?

This was how it was for me when I started adult coloring. Coloring gave me a way to lower the stress in my job! I worked in a very stressful job and had other family responsibilities as well. This made it hard to find things to help me improve my coloring skills. I would spend hours looking for tips and techniques. That meant I didn’t have time left to actually color! I’ve since retired from my job. Now I have more time to find new things about coloring and to be able to share those with you. You can find more about my story on the About Us page.

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What Others Say


Thank you for the information, this will help me in my coloring. I will learn so much.

Sharon Ciunci 


Thanks Suzy. I learnt a lot from the techniques.

Louise Griffin


Good range of things to consider when learning to color. 

Janelle Swift