Staedtler ® triplus ® Fineliners 334

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Basic Description

Test Picture Colored with Staedtler triplus Fineliners 334
Test Picture Colored with Staedtler triplus Fineliners 334

These are water based markers with a triangular barrel and a 0.3mm fine tip. They have a colored snap on cap with a built in shirt-pocket clip. Staedtler ® triplus ® fineliners can be purchased individually or in a variety of different sized sets. They come in 42 colors.


  • Vibrant colours
  • Good colour range
  • Triangular barrel makes the marker is easy and comfortable to hold and won’t roll off a flat surface.
  • 3mm fine tip makes these markers exceptional for coloring fine details and intricate designs
  • Water-based fast drying ink which doesn’t smear
  • Limited bleed through or shadowing on many different qualities of paper
  • Colors are the same across the Staedtler range of products (pencils, fineliners, fibre-tip pens) which is a huge benefit when coloring with mixed media


  • Even though Staedtler does have identifying names and numbers for each of its colors, these are not printed on the barrel
  • Colour on cap is not always a good indicator of the ink color
  • Can be scratchy and stiff to use when you first use them although the tip does soften up significantly with use and then they start to flow much more smoothly on the paper
  • Not great to use for coloring large open spaces due to the very small tip.

Price Range

$$$ – typically AUD $20.01 – $50.00 / US $15.01 – $40.00 / £10.01 – £26.75 / €13.26 – €33.00

Conclusion / Recommendations

  • These are great fineliners with a good vibrant color range. But as the caps are not a great indicator of the ink color I recommend making a color chart. Make sure you subscribe to so you can access my pre-prepared Staedtler ® triplus ® fineliners (334 Triangular fineliner) color chart template for free.
  • A huge plus for the Staedtler ® brand of products is the fact that they use exactly the same color palette across all their coloring products. So while the fineliners are perfect for detailed spaces, for larger spaces the Staedtler ® triplus ® Color 323 Triangular fibre-tip pens are a better option. Because both products have identical color palettes shouldn’t notice any change in the color when swapping between the fineliners and any other Staedtler coloring products.
  • These markers do need good fine motor control to get the best out of them so if your not used to using fineliners, there could be a learning curve when you first start using them. This also means they may not be the best choice for you if you have fine motor issues.
  • When I first used them I was disappointed because they felt scratchy and I found them difficult to control. I must say though that I persisted with them and with more use, the tips softened up making them feel very smooth when coloring.
  • With practice, I learned to have better control over them and now I love them.
  • These are definitely my “go to” fineliners when coloring anything with small details and intricate designs.

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