Faber-Castell © Connector Pens

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Basic Description

Test Picture Colored with Faber-Castell © Connector Pens
Test Picture Colored with Faber-Castell © Connector Pens

These are water based markers with a round barrel and medium tip with a reasonably pointy end. They have a colored snap on cap with a unique design that allows the pens to be connected to each other. Faber-Castell © Connector Pens can be purchased individually or in a variety of different sized sets. They come in a maximum of 100 colors. The set reviewed here contained 36 colors.


  • Vibrant colours
  • Excellent colour range
  • Round barrel makes the marker easy to hold
  • Medium tip with a relatively fine point make these markers good for coloring fine details
  • Water-based fast drying ink which doesn’t smear
  • Inexpensive
  • Readily available in most department stores and from a multitude of online stores
  • Can purchase pens in individual colors as open stock


  • Even though Faber-Castell does have identifying names and numbers for each of its colors, these are not printed on the barrel
  • If you forget to connect the cap to the side of the pen while coloring, the round barrel means they can easily roll off a flat surface which can be annoying
  • Can drag across the paper when coloring and can pill or tear the paper when coloring over the same spot
  • Some bleed through and shadowing on standard printer paper
  • Can look streaky when used for coloring large open spaces

Price Range

$$ – typically AUD $5.01 – $20.00 / US $3.76 – $15.00 / £2.61 – £10.00 / €3.31 – €13.25

Comments / Recommendations

  • These are affordable markers with an excellent vibrant color range.
  • They do tend to be streaky when coloring larger spaces but for relatively small spaces they are quite good.
  • Like many water-based markers and felt-tip pens, they can tear the paper if you are someone who tends to colour over the same spot more than once.
  • The color on the barrel is not always a good indicator of the ink color
  • I recommend making a color chart. Make sure you subscribe to my website so you can access a pre-prepared blank color chart template for free.
  • As there was no color printed on the barrel and no color identifiers on the packaging, I created my own color naming and numbering for my set. See my color chart
  • If you are looking for a cheap set of starter markers, these are a good set to begin with due to their excellent range of colors, their price and their availability.

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