Mind Therapy: Pocket Colouring Book for Adults

Mind Therapy: Pocket Colouring Book for Adults

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  • No Artist listed, pictures compiled by Peter Murray


  • Murray Books Australia and Herron Book Distributors (2015)

Book Dimensions

  • Approximately 6 inches x 6 inches (15.0cm x 15.0cm)
  • There are 92 pages to color in the book
  • The inside of both the front and back cover can also be colored

Quality of Paper

  • Good – the paper is thick and water-based markers and gel pens can be used without bleed through or shadowing on the other side
  • The paper does allow for a range of coloring media to be used but it is worth noting that Alcohol based markers will bleed through the paper.
  • The paper is a bright white color

Single or Double Sided Print

  • Double-sided print

Intricacy of Designs

  • Most designs are quite intricate with a lot of small details

Types of Pictures

  • The book contains a variety of pictures
  • There is a mix of florals, abstract patterns, birds, animals, fish, buildings, mandalas


  • Glued and sewn
  • Pages are perforated for easy removal
  • Tightly bound but can be laid flat for easily coloring in the book itself
  • There is white space between the edge of the pictures and the margin

Notable Aspects

  • This is a pocket sized book that is very easy to fit in a handbag or backpack for coloring on the go


  • Good quality paper
  • Perforated pages so you can easily remove the pictures from the book if you want to
  • Good variety of picture types


  • As pictures are printed on both sides of the page, using any medium that bleeds through such as alcohol-based markers means you will lose the ability to colour one of the two pictures

Price Range

  • $$ – typically AUD $5.01 – $20.00 / US $3.76 – $15.00 / £2.61 – £10.00 / €3.31 – €13.25

Conclusion / Recommendations

I love “Mind Therapy: Pocket Colouring Book for Adults” for its size and variety of pictures. It’s easily portable and travels well.

Many of the pictures contain lots of tiny intricate details so if you like to color with sharp pencils, fineliners and / or gel pens, this book gives you lots of options.

I have used colored pencils, water-based markers (fineliners), gel pens and alcohol-based markers on various pictures in this book. The only problems I had were with the alcohol based markers where I had bleed through onto the page behind. I am unable to color the picture that was printed on the page overleaf due to the bleed through.

If you like intricate designs with lots of tiny details, in a variety of picture styles then this book could be for you. If you have hand problems, eyesight difficulties or don’t enjoy coloring intricate or tiny details then you may not find this book to your liking.

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