Addicted Yet?

This adult coloring hobby can be very addictive! How do you know if you’ve caught the bug?

Some of the Signs to Look Out For:

  • You go out shopping for bread and milk but a few coloring books or sets of pencils follow you home…oh and you forgot to buy the bread and milk!
  • You decide that this month you’re prepared to forgo eating just so you can buy that great new set of markers on Amazon!
  • You see someone wearing a dress with a black and white pattern and you think “I’d love to color that with my markers…”
  • You spend hours online searching for new pencils and pens, YouTube videos…and you forget to eat!
  • You just have to finish that last section on your latest coloring project and before you know it’s 4:00am and you need to be at work by 7:00am!
  • Your spare room looks like a stationery store, overflowing with coloring books and coloring supplies
  • Etc, etc

I could go on but by this stage you get the picture and you know who you are!!!

 Coloring Everything Else in Sight

Once you’re hooked on adult coloring, you start to find all sorts of things you can color…not just adult coloring books! We’ll be looking at some of the many items now able to be colored with your own special brand of creativity:

  • cups, mugs, placemats, coasters, etc
  • T-shirts, sneakers, cushions, foot stools, etc.
  • cell phone cases, pet accessories, etc.
  • puzzles that are colored on completion, painting stones with Mandala pattens, etc.

It seems as if the sky is the limit. Let us know in the comments section below if you’ve come across anything else you would like to color or have actually already colored.

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