Sakura Gelly Roll ® Gel Pens (Artist Pack)

Test Picture Colored with Sakura Gelly Roll ® Gel Pens (Artist Pack)
Test Picture Colored with Sakura Gelly Roll ® Gel Pens (Artist Pack)

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Basic Description

Sakura is the developer of the original gel ink pens. Sakura Gelly Roll ® Gel Pens (Artist Pack) are quality gel pens with a round barrel shape with the 74 pen set coming in a hard clear plastic carry case. Set contains Classic ™, Moonlight ® (opaque) , Stardust ® (glitter), Metallic ™, Silver Shadow ® and Gold Shadow ® (dual color metallic) gel pens. They are sold in a maximum of 74 count sets.


  • 58 unique colours
  • Color id (number and Stock Number) are printed on the pen barrel
  • Beautifully smooth flowing ink with no skipping during coloring
  • Color indicator on lid & Comfort Grip is a good indicator of the gel ink color
  • Vibrant color
  • Some colors and ink types have multiple nib sizes
  • Unique gel pen effects eg Silver Shadow ® and Gold Shadow ® which are dual color metallic gel pens
  • There is a clear glitter pen and a white gel pen included in the 74 set
  • Able to color in tight, detailed spaces
  • Pens can be purchased as individual stock
  • Excellent range of colors and ink types


  • Expensive pens
  • Cap color is not always a true indicator of ink color
  • Wet ink on application requires drying time and can easily smear until dry
  • Round barrel
  • Some bleed through and shadowing on basic photocopy paper
  • Thinner papers can buckle due to the wetness of the ink

Price Range

  • $$$$ – typically AUD $50.01 + / US $40.01 + / £26.76 + / €33.01+

Comments / Recommendations

  • An excellent quality set of gel pens with an excellent color and ink range
  • I love these gel pens, they are smooth and have a great range of colors and effects.
  • The biggest downside is their cost.
  • These pens do not require any pressure to get the best out of them so if you have any fine motor, hand or arm problems these may be a suitable option

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