Here’s 25 of our best adult coloring gift ideas:

1. Color your own Coffee Mug (Mug and markers included)  
2. Color Your own Pillow / Cushion Cover
3. Color your own Tablecloth
4. Color your own Table Runner
5. Color your own Placemats
6. Color your own Drink Coasters
7. Color a storage box
8. Color your own Accessories Bag
9. Color a Cubby House
10. Color a Tee Shirt
11. Color your own Tote Bag
12. Color your own Cell Phone Cases
13. Color your own Canvas
14. Color a Jigsaw
15. Color a Calendar – 2017 Monthly Calendar
16. Color a Calendar – Day to Day Calendar
17. Color a Calendar – Believe in Yourself Weekly Planner
18. T Shirts designed for Adult Colorists

(Other Designs)

19. T-Shirt – I’d Rather Be Coloring
20. T-Shirt – Yes, I’m addicted to coloring!
21. T-Shirt – I’m Silently Judging your Coloring Book Selection
22. Pendant for Adult Colorists
23. Store your Pencils in a Pencil shaped Vase
24. A coloring book coat for your dog
25. Some Fabric Markers for coloring all those great gift ideas above!