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Tips and Techniques

How I Took the Next Step to Color like a Pro?

When I first started Adult Coloring in August 2015 I didn’t really know anything about coloring apart from the obvious, of course. All you do is take some colored pencils, put the pointy side on the paper and move the pencil back and forth to fill in the spaces with color 🙂 . There is absolutely nothing wrong with coloring pictures this way. That’s how I colored my first pictures and it’s what got me hooked on Adult coloring. However, after a while I would look at my pictures and think:

  • “I wish I could color so you can’t see the pencil marks and white spots through the picture”;
  • “It would be great if my colors were more vibrant”;
  • “Is there anyway I can make the color look smoother on the paper?”
  • “How can I mix colors together to make a new color?”
  • “How can I make a smooth transition from one color or shade to another color or shade?”

It’s a part of human nature to want to improve on your skills. We like to get better at the things we do. We especially like to get better at things we enjoy doing. Adult coloring is no different. There are a number of techniques that can take your work to the next level. Some are very simple and easy. Other techniques take a bit more practice to perfect.  Whether you want to just color simply or if you want to increase your pictures to “wow!!” level, you’ll find information about many tips and techniques in this section.

I started to do some research online. What do you know, there are tips and techniques around for doing all those things and more! I found several confusing sites and some great sites so I  am consolidating all those great links and I’ll be including them on these Tips and Techniques pages.

In This Section You’ll Find Information About:

The Following Topics Will Be Added Soon:

  • Blending with Gel Pens
  • Blending with Alcohol Markers
  • How to color water
  • How to color Gemstones
  • How to color glass
  • Tips on storing your coloring supplies
  • Gel Pens not working? – How to get your gel pens to work again