Dats ® Gel Pens

Test Picture Colored with Dats ® Gel Pens
Test Picture Colored with Dats ® Gel Pens

Disclaimer: This review was conducted by Suzy Goodyear. This item was purchased by me as part of my personal collection.

Basic Description

Dats ® Gel Pens are gel pens with a hexagonal barrel shape. Set contains glitter, metallic and neon gel pens They are sold in a maximum of 18 count packets.


  • Inexpensive gel pens
  • Hexagonal barrel
  • Smooth flow of ink with no skipping during coloring
  • Good range of colors and ink types eg glitter, pastel, neon and metallic
  • Color indicator on lid is a reliable indicator of the gel ink color
  • Vibrant color
  • Medium to fine nibs so able to color in tight, detailed spaces


  • No classic or pastel gel inks
  • No comfort grips
  • Wet ink on application requires drying time and can easily smear until dry
  • Some bleed through and shadowing on basic photocopy paper
  • Thinner papers can buckle due to the wetness of the ink
  • Neon inks can dry streaky

Price Range

  • $ – typically AUD $5.00 / US $3.75 / £2.60 / €3.30 or less

Comments / Recommendations

  • A good cheap starter pack of glitter, metallic and neon gel pens with a reasonable color and ink type range
  • These pens do not require any pressure to get the best out of them so if you have any fine motor, hand or arm problems these may be a suitable option

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