Tips and Techniques

How to Color Gems

How to Color Gems How to Color Gems has always looked difficult but it turns out they’re not as hard as you might first think. Recently I’ve seen a number of colored pictures where the colorist has added some beautiful colored gemstones. They look magnificent and the way these gems […]

Gifts for the Addicted Colorist

    Here’s 25 of our best adult coloring gift ideas: 1. Color your own Coffee Mug (Mug and markers included)   2. Color Your own Pillow / Cushion Cover 3. Color your own Tablecloth 4. Color your own Table Runner 5. Color your own Placemats 6. Color your own Drink […]

Christmas Ornament

How to Sharpen Colored Pencils

How to Sharpen a Colored Pencil? There is a right way to sharpen colored pencils…Seriously? If you are a colorist who likes to use colored pencils in your adult coloring then sharpening your pencils is a critical part of your adult coloring “must have” skills. If you’re anything like me, […]

How to Color Bubbles

How to Color Bubbles Have you seen those pictures where other colorists have added really cool details to their pictures like bubbles? Ever wondered how they do it or how you can add some really cool bubbles to your own ocean, sea creatures or underwater adult coloring pictures? It looks […]

Color Charts

What is a Color Chart? A color chart is a piece of paper or card that has color swatches or samples of the colors that are part of a set of coloring media: colored pencils, pens, markers, etc. The chart is often arranged in a grid with one square per […]